When I finished taking the four personality test they all seemed to turn out similar. All the test had in common was that I do not open up which is true and is something I need to work on. Another one that comes up was that I am too trusting. This is true, I do trust a lot of people but I feel as if it is not a bad thing because of the people I have in my life. A couple of the test’s showed that I judge people before knowing them. This is very true but thats how this generation is. Recently I have been doing a better job of knowing them before judging but I still can work on it. The last personality trait is that I like to avoid arguments and conflicts. This is very true as I do not like to make people mad but its not to a point where I do not speak my mind. That personality is in the middle as I do both sides of it. Some of the test say I’m unorganized and unprepared and I do not agree with how low I scored on that personality. I am usually on time for appointments, class, and have a clean room. Sometimes it might get a little hectic but not to bad. Another personality trait I disagree with is that I do not understand long-term consequences. I do understand them but at the time f the act I do not care or want to take the risk but I’m 100% aware of the consequences for the action. Overall the personality test’s showed many of my personality traits but had some flaws along the way. I would recommend these test to other people to see to get an idea about their own traits.