Spotlight Post #3: Peer pressure

Peer pressure is something may people deal with everyday, some good and some bad. Many schools sped lots of time teaching kids to do thats right, but what are the right steps for not giving in to peer pressure?

One the first website they are reaching out to children and little kids with a five step method of avoiding peer pressure. The first step they have them do is take a deep breathe and clam down. Secondly they have you find your words to speak up for yourself. Thank it through the consequences is the third step. The forth step they have down is that you should suggest another activity or thing to do. Lastly they have you just walk away. These methods are generally good and are easy for children to follow. Taking a deep breathe is big to me because the more clam yo are the better you will do. Another good method they had down was suggesting something else which is very good at working.

The next website focuses more on teenagers. They talk about things you can say. The website first expressed that you candy NO. When saying these things be firm about it but not aggressive. Stand up tall when speaking and all them how you feel about the situation. Just like the first website the last thing you candy is walk away. These methods seem to be good but it is hard for a teenager to stand up against the group, and express how they feel. So this may be effective it won’t work if the child is shy.

The last website focuses on young adults on avoiding peer pressure. The steps they first start out by thinking your yourself ” Am I okay with this.” The website also wants you to have a close friend with you that will back you up. Just like the other websites it wants you to say NO when feeling uncomfortable and peer pressured. If they are pressuring you to do bad things, they are not your friends and you need to walk away. Not only that, if you see someone being pressured stick up for them. Lastly the website says that you can not please everyone so do what is right. These methods of peer pressure have you stop and think if this is right, and thinking if you are comfortable with these actions. Also they bring a good point about bringing your close friend to be there for you.

Overall fund these websites helpful for anyone who is peer pressured a lot. It can be stressful in the situation but you just ned o remember what you were taught. In my town we learned a lot about peer pressure and emphasized these methods on what to do when facing problamatming situations.




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