Media Production: Alcohol use disorder

Increasing in many situations is a goo thing but no for Alcohol use disorder. Increasing in alcohol use disorder (AUD) this is not to be taken lightly as it has shot through the roof by 49% from 8.5% to 12.7% in just a decade.  

Data collected about alcohol use disorder and high-risk drinking. Looking over the data that is displayed there are multiple statistics that stand out. Significant increases in alcohol use disorder occurred in subgroups and minorities over the last decade from 2001-2002 and 2011-2012. The highest increase in AUD was from the 65 and older age. The senior citizens age group increased by 106.7%. This group is almost 14% higher than any other age group or minority in America. The next highest increase would be by African American individuals. This group is 13.9 % lower, but still increased at an alarming number of 92.8%. The age group of the highest increase in alcohol use disorder was odd itself but it comes back for the the forth highest increase. Thats right ages 45-64 was just the beginning and once you got over 65 you got to the a higher increase in AUD.  Alcohol use disorder  in the ages between 45 and 64 increased by 81.5%. this is the same number as the CNN new article says. Most of the statistics raised by more than 50 % and is very alarming. All these results have been found in other national surveys showing alcohol use disorders are increasing at an unhealthy rate. The higher rate of increased high-risk drinking and alcohol use disorder in groups are less likely to have adequate health coverage. This is concerning for the 65 and older group since it has the highest increase AUD at 106.7%. The older you are the more you can inherit multiple preexisting disorders that can be exacerbated by heavy drinking. When at the ages of 65 and up you take medications ad many will interact adversely with alcohol. This results in significant medical problems and costly health consequences. Increased AUD in lower education and income is alarming because these individuals who drink often can not afford appropriate health insurance that does not limit or does not cover alcohol-related treatments. When the collected data women showed up to be high at 83.7% of AUD which was the third highest increase in all of the Unites States. Women also increased at 16% of drinking alcohol and 58% in high-risk drinking. In the CNN article it explains that AUD is not juts the problem here it also is the high risk drinking. This is a problem because suboptimal childrearing practices, and children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, with potential lifelong functioning impairments. All in all if the absence of access to medical care for individuals with long term, often severe medical problems associated with heavier drinking is likely to result in the individuals to turn to emergency departments. CNN also talks about what happens to health care and medical treatments. This results in increased costs to taxpayers both directly and through higher insurance. 


When reading this article it is not that hard to read. It does give you a lot of numbers and percentages but they all seem to add upend make sense. I picked out the percentages and  the study results to show the differences in AUD. When it comes to experiments the only thing that matters is the numbers and what they stand for. SO in my summary I tried to give you those numbers and what they mean to give you the data that the experimenters received. The only other trouble was remembering all the data so I wrote it all down to remember the results of the study. Usually when researching a study of some sort they use large terms and scientific work but luckily my article did not so it helped me with understanding hat is being done. I did leave out some information as I could not fit all. I Took out pieces that were confusing and not important. I went to the facts and stayed there to give you the difference in AUD. Overall these sources helped out a lot and realizing that drinking has become a problem.






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