Stress is something that everyone experiences from work, school and family. Since in college I have been more stressed because of papers and studying for that big exam coming up. One way that I cope for that is to take a deep breath and take a break from what I am doing and watch TV. Usually after 15 minutes you are more calm and can proceed back to work. Another way is, I take a break and play a couple video games for a hour. This helps me to relax and realize everything is going to be okay. Overall I mostly get away from what is stressing me out and then go back to it with a different mindset. I am not sure if these really work well but hopefully I can find more ways to cope with stress in my psychology class.


One thought on “Stress”

  1. You and I seem to deal with stress very similarly! We both tend to avoid the stressor by completing an pleasant activity that will distract us for a certain amount of time, which can be considered the self-defense and self-indulgence coping strategies. As no coping strategy for stress is inherently adaptive or maladaptive, it is hard to tell if these strategies are “really working” for you. If you find that you always feel refreshed and able to complete your work in a timely fashion after taking the breaks that you do, your strategies could be considered adaptive as you are reducing your stress load without creating additional problems for yourself. However, if you do find that those breaks are causing problems for you, such as making you procrastinate and not complete your work, those strategies would be considered maladaptive as they are decreasing your amount of stress in the moment, but can cause additional problems for you.

    As for your desire to find other coping strategies, we talked about using exericise, relgion, self-disclosure, and social support as different ways to deal with stress. Regular exercise will help by consistently relaeasing endorphins into your body, which is a “feel good” hormone. On the other hand, religion often provides people with an explanatory framework for why life is the way it is, and gives people a sense of support and community with those that share similar ideas. Lastly, both self-disclosure and social support are a way for you to openly express what you are feeling and gain resources and support to help you deal with your stressors.

    I wish you luck in analyzing your current coping strategies, and I hope that some of the strategies mentioned in class work for you as well! Great job on your post!


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