Ted Talk: Restoration

Russell Foster on Ted Talk outlined three reasons on why we sleep. I chose to agree with his one option restoration against the other two, energy conservation and brain function. In restoration there  has been proof of genes that only turn on during sleep and that is only associated with restoration. Your brain behaves like a muscle when it comes to sleep. When you workout you need a full nights of rest for your muscles to recover. The brain needs to do the same; restore, replace and rebuild over the night. Without these three orders the brain won’t be able to be refreshed to go back to work. This the same as when you workout the somebody part everyday for a week. If you do this your muscles can’t be recuperated and will not grow correctly. Overall Russell Foster explained everything, but restoration  stood out to me and has been proven and makes the most sense.


One thought on “Ted Talk: Restoration”

  1. I really like your reasoning for agreeing with restoration the most, especially when comparing it to how muscles recover after a workout. The brain really acts as a muscle when you look at it from that perspective. Aside from all the work that was just put on your muscles from that day being lost, you cannot grow, as you said. The way you explained it truly helped translate the theory into a very understandable thought.


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