Should Cannabis be Legal?

For the last couple years there has been a long debate if marijuana should be legal. For medical use it should definitely be legal because it has proven to have many uses in the field. It helps with glaucoma and to control people who have frequent seizures. The best medical use is that it stops cancer cells from growing which is a break through for this terrible illness. The most controversial part is the recreational side. I think cannabis should be legal because there is a substance legal right now that causes more deaths than marijuana has caused; alcohol. If a more dangerous substance is legal then I think weed should be to because it is a lot safer to consume. On the other side weed can be a gateway drug. This is the biggest reason for it to not be legal today because the government is afraid of other drug overdoes to rise because of cannabis. Overall the pros outweigh the cons of marijuana use and should be legal in the United States.


2 thoughts on “Should Cannabis be Legal?”

  1. I do agree with you that marijuana should be legalized as it does give people who have illnesses another medical route to take that is better than synthetic chemicals in the body. I like how you compared the drug to alcohol, which is something that is almost praised in Americans through expensive advertising and still no known health benefits! It’s weird to think something as simple as a plant can cause such an uproar if it is assisting people with long term sicknesses so well. Although cannabis is called the “Gateway Drug” so commonly in our education system, I have found that it is not any more or less of a gateway to harder drugs than alcohol and cigarettes can be; especially to young users. Lastly, I admire that you differentiated between medical use and recreational use of marijuana since it is a major difference in the justifying of use for any person. Recreational use and medical use should both be legal in my opinion, but I do appreciate that you separated them to give emphasis on the importance of treating a sickness versus getting high for a stress relief.

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  2. I agree that marijuana should be legalized for medical use, but I stand very strongly on the position that it should also be legal for recreational use. There are so many pros to it; such as allowing local governments a new source of money, creating new jobs, getting rid of organized crime, clearing prisons of harmless “criminals”, and countless more. The argument of it being a gateway drug couldn’t be less true. Millions of people around the world use or have used marijuana for recreational purposes and yet so few relative to that immense number ever go on to try anything new. Moving on to harder drugs has little to do with the fact that they smoked weed a bunch, it has to do with peer pressure, ones own desire to experiment, and maybe mental issues like depression. Furthermore the government doesn’t keep marijuana illegal because of the want to stop people from moving on to harder drugs, they keep it illegal because of lobbying from corporations who see it as a threat to them, like private prisons or pharmaceutical companies.


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