Study Habits (Memory)

When it come to studying I do not do much of it. Since in college I have been doing better with studying and reviewing my notes. The method I have been doing is rewriting my notes down in a notebook. I been using this method because I heard if you write it down that it gets imprinted into your memory. After I write my notes down I reviewed them briefly. I realize now that I need to review my notes more than just once and to study longer and harder. My exam grade reflexes how much studying I do and I didn’t do well on both of my exams so far. I would say my strength on studying is my organization. When I study the content I make is neat and in order. I also use stars to have the most important content stick out to review those more to remember for my exams and quizzes. In general I need to improve my study habits to achieve better exam scores and overall better knowledge of the course.


One thought on “Study Habits (Memory)”

  1. I think that your note-taking, organization, and general prep-work all sound like they have been working well, at least in the past. The idea of rewriting all of your notes is a great study habit! Rewriting further etches information into your head. To strengthen this, I recommend reading your notes out loud as well, especially while you’re rewriting the notes. The more senses you use, the more likely you’ll be able to remember things! Teaching others what you learned is also a great study technique, because you get to hear back all of the information and you can confirm with yourself if you truly know the information well enough to tell someone else all about it.


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