Minds of Killers

I watched the Ted Talk “Exploring the Mind of a Killer” because it seemed intresting. Jim Fallon, the speaker first gets the brains of these killers and examines them. Jim realizes that all the murderers  have something in common. The killers have damage on the orbital vortex, which is above the eye sockets and had damage to the Anterior Temporal cortex. A X chromosome also contributes to why they are murderers. The mother can carry a gene called MAOA. This explains why males are more likely to be murders, because males are XY and get one X from their mothers who carry it and not one X from dad and one from mother to balance MAOA gene out. Experiencing that gene and violence going up will contribute to being a killer/murderer. If I was conducting a research study I would observe abused kids and keep track of them and get scans of their brains every year and see the end result. Yes, this will take many years, but I feel it will have a nice end result. Overall, Jim Fallon’s discovering’s seem to connect and think there should be more research conducted.


One thought on “Minds of Killers”

  1. Hi Tyler! I don’t see where you talk about how trustworthy you find Fallon and the research he presents, but I really like the idea of your research, but I think it would require a lot of planning as well as many, many years of research. The process of finding kids who have been/are abused would also be a difficult one, with some ethical issues that might pop up as well, such as observing children struggling through abuse without helping them for the sake of research, or even finding participants who have been abused and who are young enough to track their brain patterns for years. It’s a very ambitious goal, but I think it would be very interesting to see the results, as you said.

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