Does Hypertrophy Make you more Attractive?

My research study will be on Does Hyperthrophy Make you more Attractive? I believe hypertrophy or making gains makes you more appealing to the people of todays society. I will start off by gathering 10 females and 10 males. Next,  take pictures of them before the hypertrophy stage for the before picture. After my participants worked out for three months on a basis of five times per week I will take pictures of the results for their after pictures. Finally,  I will go around the city with all the participants before and after pictures and see which one the people think looks more attractive; the before or after.  I will do the three times in total to get accurate results. The experiment will take roughly nine months to complete and in the end my question will be answered, Does Hypertrophy make you more Attractive?


One thought on “Does Hypertrophy Make you more Attractive?”

  1. I really like the idea of this experiment! Its unique and out of the box. Although I don’t think you were specific enough in your hypothesis and procedure. I think this experiment would be a little challenging with the length of time it takes place and making sure the sample selection is random when you survey which photo is more attractive. Also to specify the experiment, you could focus the participants to certain workouts to enhance main areas of the body, such as abs or arms. This is because all the participants might have different experience with working out at a gym and need a set plan for the three months of training. If you would want to take another route in the experiment, you could find an operational definition of the participants self-esteem by asking how they feel about their improved physic. Overall I think this is an interesting experiment and could prove to show interesting results.

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