First Impression

Hi Welcome to my blog, My name is Tyler Ray Mentzer and I was born on August 20th, 1999 in Ephrata Pennsylvania. I lived in Cocalico, PA for the first year of my life and later moved to Ephrata and have been living there ever since. I went to Ephrata High School and took a psychology class and I just got assigned to this course. When I think of psychology the brain and how people think come to mind. The top three topics I look forward to are treating mental illness, Why we forget and  about stress. Lastly I would like to know how people have mental illnesses and what causes it since it is a common problem in the world. I’ve always been active and played many sports as a kid but football and wrestling stood out to me the most. I played football since I was in third grade so a total of 9 years. Ephrata is one of the worst teams in high school football, now on a 46 game losing streak. I went 0-30 in my career in high school but it was a great time suiting up with my friends on Friday nights. Football taught me that winning isn’t everything as long as you give it your all. While at college here at Elizabethtown I will be continuing my wrestling career and be on my 11th year on the mat. The sport teaches you many life lessons and evolves you in becoming a man. It taught me how to work hard and push yourself. Without wrestling and the help of my coach Josh Clair I would not be where I am today. He helped me not only with wrestling but in school and becoming a better person. Other than sports, I hang out with my friends to have a good laugh and have a good time. Lately, I have gotten more into working out and have been focusing on that during the summer and will continue to do so.


One thought on “First Impression”

  1. My high school was really bad at football too, though it sounds like yours had it worse. I didn’t play, but had some friends who did. My senior year we won our homecoming game for the first time in something like 20 years, but the year after I graduated the team didn’t even score a touchdown the whole season. Sports can teach people about a lot of different aspects of their lives, and there are lots of applications of psychology in sports. We will definitely talk about where mental illnesses come from and how common they are. You might also be interested in taking Abnormal Psychology (PSY 221) where we talk in much more detail about those issues. Good luck with your wrestling season!


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